Welp, I’m currently listening to a very botched version of Ave Maria on a bus from Jamelle, France to Brussels. The playlist so far has included Madonna, Prince and more indistinguishable gospel.  The woman singing had previously gone through the bus asking every single person if they had deodorant…

A beer was spilled in the back and we all are dangling our feet above the floor to avoid the stickyness. The culprit is currently hacking up a lung on his neighbor. He just fell between the seats and it doesn’t look like he’s getting up anytime soon.  —

Earlier today seems like it could have happened a month ago. We traveled around downtown Zurich, walked along the lake and took a watertaxi. The lake was full of paddleboats and sunbathers. It was not difficult to imagine myself joining them.

The day before we spent in Rapperswil, “Rose City.” We had a traditional Swiss breakfast of  croissants, cheese and yogurt with muesli (similar to oats/granola) at an outdoor café. Nearby was a Catholic Church which looked out over Lake Zurich. The view was incredible.The church was part of a monastery which was enveloped in roses of all kinds.

After admiring the roses we hopped in the car and drove the bended trail through the mountains to Heidiland which is in the Swiss Alps. As the name suggests, it is where Heidi originiated. We took a ski lift to the top of a mountain and had a coffee before traveling down.

This was a very short synopsis to a wonderful weekend but I will have to cut it short because I think we are almost to Brussels. It has been about an hour and a half on this bus. The singing has ceased and I might be able to finish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I’m at the part of the novel when one of the characters is in Zurich.. strange.

I’m sure that I will daydream about the lake and mountains of Zurich for some time to come.