Paris is humongous. We developed a very close relationship with the metro during the three days we were in the city. Once you get over the smell and grimy handles you cannot imagine your life (ok… traveling) without it. And thanks to our new friend we were able to cover all the highlights of Paris.

Friday we went to  Arc de Triomphe and had wine underneath the Eiffel Tower during the light show– but in the rain. So we did the same the following night when the weather was nice. I thought there would be more cafes with baguettes and crepes busting out of them around the Eiffel Tower so that was a bit disappointing. The light show however was not.

Saturday it was rainy for the first half of the day while we visited Versailles but it cleared up as we were walking through the gardens. We then caught the first part of mass at Notre Dame. We also caught the first part of mass Sunday morning at Sacre Coeur which was a happy accident. It was unbelievable to step out of the service to the most amazing view of Paris the city has to offer.

We then hit up the Louvre for a couple of  hours and hopped on the train back to Bruxelles.