Luxembourg was fantastic. It allowed a few of us to escape the loud and frantic streets of the city and relax a bit. As soon as I got situated for the three hour train ride to this tiny country, and had begun to see countryside pass by, my entire body sighed of relief.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the city but there are few things I love more than exploring a new beautiful place with no true destination in mind. It only took us a few hours to walk around all of Luxembourg City on Saturday. We were able to see all of the touristy things and had amazing chocolate and cappuccinos midday.

On Sunday we took a couple of  buses and a train to Vianden, Luxembourg. It was rainy but that only added to the mystique of the beautiful town. We walked up the windy brick road to the palace that looked over the town and river. On the way down we stopped for lunch at a local cafe and warmed ourselves with french onion soup.

It was perfectly beautiful and rejuvenating.