Cologne, Germany was a nice and relaxed night away. We were able to try some of the traditional German foods that I didn’t when I went to Berlin. We had Wienerschnitzel the size of my MacBook Pro Friday night in the student area where our hostel was. Saturday morning I had a bowl of Muesli topped with every type of fruit. Muesli is like granola mixed with yogurt and some milk. I will definitely be recreating it for future breakfasts.

We then went to the main attraction of the city, the cathedral. It is the largest church in Northern Europe. We took the 509 winding steps to the top of the tower. It was disgustingly hot and smelly in the staircase. People were going both ways on steps and we had to stop multiple times to hug the wall and let sweaty people through. The view of the  city from the top did make up for it.

After the steps we were famished so we got a pretzel. The rest of the day we shopped. We took the train back to Brussels that night. Cologne was really great but there wasn’t enough to see to warrant another night.