I did most of the toursity things when I was in Amsterdam a few years ago but never had a canal tour! This time I made sure to. Actually, it was pretty much the main reason I went back.

Amsterdam is three hours away from Belgium by train. When I got to the city I was immediately taken aback at how crowded it was. I had to push through people just to walk on the sidewalk. I don’t know if this is a regular thing. I suppose it could be, but there were also a couple of markets and events that seemed to be happening special for that weekend.

I stopped at the Wok and Walk for lunch. It is an asian take out restaurant. You get stir fry in one of those cardboard takeout containers and walk around seeing the sites as you dig in with your chopsticks. I thought it was a cool and delicious idea. I did however overlook how much coordination it took  ha, but I seemed to manage.

I Wok and Walked most of the downtown streets and perused the flower market. I also made a wrong turn and there were a lot of red lights and other things. Needless to say, I turned down the next street I could find.

As soon as I was headed to take the canal tour it started to rain. It was great timing though because the boat was covered. The canals go through the very old housing areas of Amsterdam that are very expensive today. All the houses lean forward a bit to make them seem larger. Many people also live permanently in house boats which are hooked up to the city’s municipalities. The boats on the murky canals were of a vast range. Some were elegant and had gardens, but there were also some similar to a rusty row boat I saw with the name Wolf spray painted on the side.

The canal tour was  definitely worth the day trip.