Week Ten


We had our final project due this week for class. It was a communications campaign with the goal to bring the EU closer to its citizens. We took the hypothetical route and created a blog that would encourage voting for a democratically elected president. Not all aspects are fully functioning but if you are interested the link is here.

After work on Wednesday evening a group of us went to an outdoor market at Place de Chatelaine. It was absolutely amazing. We weaved through the people and stands, reaching over one another to try the free samples. I had a variety of fresh fruit, goat cheese rolled in spicy black pepper and a pretzel stick dipped in honey and thyme olive oil.

There were homemade pasta, dried meat stands and thousands of olives. We will probably go back next week for dinner and try some Moroccan or Thai food.

We didn’t get there early enough for dinner this week so afterward we went to an Irish pub and got, ironically, Indian curry chicken. This is probably the third time I’ve had it from this pub and it is delicious. They give you two clay pots, one full of basmati rice and the other full of vegetables, curry and huge chunks of chicken.

On Friday we took a short trip to a small town in France.

Saturday was National Belgium Day in Brussels; complete with a military parade, vendors and fireworks. The parade was kind of strange. Belgians aren’t very enthusiastic people and if you had closed your eyes while watching the parade you would have thought you were alone. The fireworks redeemed National Day. It was like a grand finale the entire show through.

I visited another market on Sunday. The outdoor markets will be one of the things  I miss most when I return home next week.