Week Nine


I wrote an article on Italy this week and where they stand on their 2020 Renewable Action Plan. The picture is of Tocca, Italy. It is a small town there that runs almost completely on wind power.

I also continued to work on my other long term projects.

On Tuesday we went to a PR/lobbying firm for class. It was interesting to hear the difference between what it is like to do that job in the EU versus the US. So much of communication and business is about the nuances of language, or even things like sarcasm that having a career in PR or lobbying in the EU seems much more complex. It is so multicultural.

On Friday we went to the Parliamentarium. We played this “game” where we were Members of the European Parliament and had to make amendments and come to an agreement on various legislation. We each had an android that sent us various messages and told us which stations in the game to go to. It was very interactive and actually really fun.

On Saturday I went to Amsterdam for the day. I have been before but I had extra space on my train pass and figured I should take advantage.