Week Eight

Continued my work on the report this week. On Tuesday we had a test and a paper due for class. As you know, it was 4th of July. We had no fireworks, as the picture may suggest, but we did celebrate.

In class on Friday we discussed communicating the EU.  There is a great disparity between the EU and the citizens of the member states. There is no true identity and connection. We have a communications campaign due in a couple of weeks on how to strengthen this connection that politicians have so longed for.

After class we took a train to Cologne, Germany.


On Sunday we traveled to Dinant. It is a city in the southern part of Belgium, Wallonia. As we stepped off the train we saw the citadel atop the cliff. It overlooked the mucky river and the city. We took a cable car to the top and joined in on a tour for a bit, that was being given in French. That was all there really was to see in the old war town.