Week Seven

I did a lot of writing this week on the Global Wind Day events. I wrote an article about it for EWEA’s magazine and wrote a blog post. I have been in contact with organizers and participants around the world learning about what they did on the day. The stories have been great to listen to. Here is the blog.

One story was especially touching. There is an organization called The Global Kiter Foundation which gives people with physical disabilities and underprivileged youth the opportunity to do kite sports. This year they expanded their organization to people with other disabilities, like autism. You should have a look at their post about the day. It is pretty amazing and made me tear up a bit at my desk.

On Thursday after work there was a summer party –Belgians like to squeeze a party out of any, and every, occasion. The football semi-finals were also on which may have enhanced it.

On Friday morning we made the rainy trip to the old  University town of  Leuven, Belgium. The Catholic University was established in 1495 and is still a university today. They also have a strip of bars that is pretty infamous. I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if it wasn’t raining it was at night and students were still in session. I was also anxiously waiting to get back to the apartment to quickly pack and head to London.