Week Five

I was hit this week with the realization that politics and religion are not topics that people stray away from in Europe, like they mostly are at home.

As I have mentioned before, this is an interesting time to be in Europe, especially Brussels,  because of the Euro crisis and the Euro Cup. One or the other seems to be the chosen topic of conversation at lunch and although I don’t have much input, I am learning a heck of a lot.

It was somewhat coincidental because as I was researching an assignment for class about Angela Merkel the people at the lunch table next to me were discussing their opinions on Germany and its role in the crisis.

After work Thursday a few of us went to watch a little bit of one of the football games and had a drink. People were crammed in and outside of the bars to get a peak of the screens. The atmosphere is similar to the Superbowl but with hundreds of years of history weighing down the teams and fans.

Friday for class we went to the European Commission and were able to sit in a the midday press briefing. It was well, relatively brief, and you could feel the tension between the reporters asking questions they knew the answers to, and the EU spokespeople who didn’t seem to have them.

A couple hours after the briefing we were on a high speed train to Paris.