Week Three


My internship at EWEA is trucking along and I have become very comfortable with navigating around the city. I have not been out of the country for longer than a couple of weeks prior to this so I have a sense that I will be learning a lot about myself from here on out.

This week we had a lesson on multi-lingualism at ULB, the university in Brussels. The VAST majority of people in Brussels, and Europe in general, speak more than one language. Many are put into schools that speak a different language than they do at home in order to learn. Within the schools they also teach language much differently. Instead of having a class specifically devoted to learning that language they would have, for example, math taught in Spanish by a non-native speaker. Another professor would also be present to correct the speaking of both the professor teaching and of the students.

Being multilingual is definitely more of a necessity in Europe because of how close countries are to one another but I think that this would be an amazing thing to implement back in the States.

On Friday we had a lesson on the EU and how it works. Saturday we took a much needed trip to the sleepy country of Luxembourg.