Week Two

Besides a two hour french lesson Wednesday night, week two in Brussels mostly included working full days at our summer internships and recovering from them at night.

All I remember from the lesson is probably what I will use most often anyways– je vudrais un croissant chocolate (can I have a chocolate croissant).

My  internship started Monday at EWEA (European Wind Energy Association). The offices are very close to the EU Parliament and Place Luxe which has many cafes and bars. People go to the Place for lunch and drinks after work, which can (and do) last for hours.

At my internship I have been doing some blogging and social media. For the most part though I have been working on Global Wind Day.  This annual event is held all over the globe with partnering organizations of EWEA. It is a fun and educational day that usually consists of touring a wind farm and appreciating what the wind has to offer.

It has been really great so far! I’m learning so much about the wind and renewable energy that I am developing my own passion for it.

Everyone speaks English at work but the biggest difference I have found is the variety of cultures and backgrounds who work in the office. It is wonderful actually because you encounter so many types of people and can learn so many things about other cultures just by being in one area.

During the week I did a little bit of walking around and trying to get to the grocery store and other shops before they closed. It seems like things just close whenever they feel like it around here. After six the only thing really open are the bars–which stay open until six in the morning.

I guess it will just take some planning ahead and even more time to get used to.

Over the weekend we traveled by train to Berlin!