Week Five

I was hit this week with the realization that politics and religion are not topics that people stray away from in Europe, like they mostly are at home. As I have mentioned before,… Continue reading


  Welp, I might have been a little off with my counting of how many weeks I am abroad. To make it appear intentional, this week is a “wrap-up.” When I think back… Continue reading

Week Ten

We had our final project due this week for class. It was a communications campaign with the goal to bring the EU closer to its citizens. We took the hypothetical route and created… Continue reading

Week Nine

I wrote an article on Italy this week and where they stand on their 2020 Renewable Action Plan. The picture is of Tocca, Italy. It is a small town there that runs almost… Continue reading

Week Eight

Continued my work on the report this week. On Tuesday we had a test and a paper due for class. As you know, it was 4th of July. We had no fireworks, as… Continue reading

Week Seven

I did a lot of writing this week on the Global Wind Day events. I wrote an article about it for EWEA’s magazine and wrote a blog post. I have been in contact… Continue reading

Week Six

Week six abroad has probably been the most eventful yet. I’ll put it this way… I’m writing this post on an overcrowded bus at 11:30 at night after five train transfers. But let… Continue reading

Week Four

This week at EWEA we launched the Global Wind Day video on the website and social media. It has had a great response from followers so far, hopefully you like it too. EWEA… Continue reading

Week Three

My internship at EWEA is trucking along and I have become very comfortable with navigating around the city. I have not been out of the country for longer than a couple of weeks… Continue reading

Week Two

Besides a two hour french lesson Wednesday night, week two in Brussels mostly included working full days at our summer internships and recovering from them at night. All I remember from the lesson… Continue reading

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